EPC Solar Electrification

Osool Africa has provided turnkey solutions in various countries either for the private or the governmental sector. With the latest high profile project, the landmark 6MW Solar Park Freetown Project, which won the first prestigious International Renewable Energy Agency sponsor and Abu Dhabi Fund for Development (IRENA/ADFD) financing, it will provide clean Renewable Electricity to urban and western rural districts around the capital Freetown. This is a landmark Renewable Energy Project in West Africa, adding valuable and needed clean electricity to the grid, as well as important power infrastructure and international know-how to Sierra Leone.

Osool Africa also provide solutions in different sectors other than the ones stated above. We provide temporary (rental) power solution for remote locations and disaster areas, we also have dedicated teams for biomass & waste to energy, We have a direct partnership with multinational companies that provide turnkey solutions for oil & gas, conventional thermal energy & alternative solutions.

Solar System Integration: Housing Modular Solar Power System

Solar power system provides alternating current and direct current, which is produced by the modules transforming solar power into electric power, to home lighting, household appliance and other DC appliance, such as cell phone and laptop.

Solar power system is widely used for house power supplying, road monitoring, tunnel power supplying, communication base station, fire prevention in forest area, environmental monitoring, pasture and meadow, fishery, frontier station, especially for the areas lacking of power.

Osool Africa consolidated its experience and knowhow in renewable energy with a mandate to execute EPC electrification based projects that deploy renewable energy technology. We offer comprehensive clean energy consulting, management and operational services. We have extensive experience in solar energy and other green technologies Osool Africa; we provide renewable energy programs and project management for businesses and government clients.

The transition to renewable energy is an irreversible trend; clean, safe, reliable and cost-efficient power from an alternative source. We help you manage the journey from your initial vision to realization of an operational asset; design, build and maintenance of solar, wind or hydro-electric energy systems. Our goal is sustainability, at the same time being economically viable.

The benefits of renewable energy generation tend to materialize in the medium to long term and accrue at the level of the entire economy, country and/or society. However, businesses, given their role in competitive markets wish to gain more immediate financial benefits.

We provide an integrated planning and energy service for an environmentally, economically and socially sustainable renewable energy projects. Taking a comprehensive approach, our work ranges from ensuring that clients can reduce energy consumption to developing renewable sources, improving grid reliability and cutting emissions from fuels already in use.

We provide the full life-cycle of a renewable energy project, from proof of concept through to construction, we work with you to manage your asset safely and cost optimally.