The homes of steel-frame buildings are constructed from Cold Formed Steel profiles manufactured using roll-forming high technology machinery. It is fully automated and aided by sophisticated computer design software. This technology offers risk-free and effective solutions while meeting the demands of private home owners, investors, constructors, and public and private institutions, with guaranteed reliability and speed.

Cold Formed Steel structural frame to cutting edge energy saving equipment and premium quality fixtures and fittings One of its main advantages is its incomparable resistance to earthquake, with the strength of the steel: 21 times more flexible than timbre and 10 times stronger than reinforced concrete. Thus, it is ideal in poor ground areas. It can also resist moisture, fire, corrosion, storm, termites and other similar pests. Employing a highly effective galvanized process, cold -formed steel profiles resist even the most humid regions for decades.

The result is an elegant, energy efficient, intelligent home that requires minimum maintenance and provides the owner with complete autonomy and total control over the immediate environment.

With the use of this technology, construction system is reliable and fast. It does not depend on season or climate, and offers affordable cost and early delivery of the homes. This provides sales and rent revenue advantage due to minimal maintenance need, unlimited solutions for restoration and modifications and affordable and simplicity of overall repairs and modifications.

Building System and Technical Specs:

Maximum wind resistance is 1.5kN/m2, which is equal to maximum wind speed of 177 km/hr

Maximum snow load is 2.9 kN/m2

A maximum  protection against 9-degree earthquake-resistance intensity

A maximum  load of concentrated shock of 250 kg

A duration from 1 to 4 hours based on different designs

A 70 –years durability of zinc-galvanized structure

5.05K m2/W thermal-resistance caloricity of 200mm-thick CFS walling, 742% higher than 0.6K m2/W of 490mm thick brick wall

65dB acoustic insulation factor of the exterior wall(200mm-thick CFS siding), 44dB of the interior wall (double-sided &double- skinned gypsum board , 181mm thick siding

A guarantee of 40-70 relative indoor humidity which meets the demand of World Health Organization due to the use of breathing sidings , roof and foundational structure (the breathing siding’s patent is being examined)

A maximum  protection against 9-degree earthquake-resistance intensity

A duration from 1 to 4 hours based on different designs

Damp-resistance and ventilation, the building will have less than 10 virus per container inside, which satisfies the requirement of WHO, protected from mildew even through  it is unoccupied

A combination of natural ventilation and air supply keeps indoor air fresh and clean, making the amount of fresh air more than 15%,10% higher than WHO standard.