The Concrewall System is an industrial system for the construction of structural walls of reinforced concrete for building in single panel up to G+3.

The system is composed of a factory produced panel of undulated (wave shape) polystyrene covered on both sides by an electro-welded zinc coated square mesh of galvanized steel and linked by 40 connectors per SQM made of high-elastic-limit 3mm dia wires realizing a 3 dimensional hyper-static reinforced steel. The panels are assembled on site and in-situ concrete (double panels, floors, stairs) and shot creted concrete poured (single panel) to realize the following different elements of the system:

  • Vertical structural walls
  • Horizontal structural elements
  • Cladding element
  • Internal walls

Use of the Concrewall Panel System

The panel may be used generally in the following ways:

  1. As load bearing walling in buildings
  2. As high capacity vertical and shear load bearing structural walling in multi-storey construction.
  3. Non Load bearing wall panels
  4. As partition infill wall in multi-storey framed building:
  5. As floor/ roof slabs
  6. As cladding for industrial building

Special Aspects of use:

The building to be constructed using Concrewall panel shall be manufactured in accordance with the specifications prescribed in Technical Manual of Schnell Home and designed by competent structural Engineers. Plumbing and Electrical services shall be governed by the provisions and details given by the manufacturer. Good practices of plumbing services should be followed, Concrewall System should be constructed only with technical support or supervision by qualified engineers and builders, based on structural designs complying with prevailing standards and specifications; this is applicable even for low rise and affordable mass housing to provide safety of structures. It is strongly recommended that structural engineers and building designers associated with Concrewall panel construction should be thoroughly familiar with the various structural aspects. It is also recommended that architects and construction Engineers who undertake Concrewall building design and construction gain familiarity with the properties of material, characteristics of Concrewall panels, and its application and construction system.