Osool Africa is a synonym for a successful business model. Our success is as enormous as our winning ideas. We fill the gap between angel investors and venture capitalists. We are the bridge that connects two magnificent worlds, the opportunity and the enablers. In most cases, we are the enablers ourselves.

Osool Africa focuses on areas of potential not based on current circumstances or stability but on chances hidden or untapped growth potential.

Osool Africa provides the full spectrum of advisory services, project management, investment and operations. We work closely with private & public institutions, through our development arm, to facilitate the achievement of sustainable value delivery on efficient grounds. Our well established group of companies in the Middle East and Africa empowers us to provide a solid bridge between funding institutions, technical know-how and clients for projects benefiting economies in a profound approach.

As for investments, we believe in a diversified portfolio strategy. Accordingly, our investments are allocated across various industries or markets. Our investments focus mainly around:

  • Solar Projects (IPP/EPC/BOT)
  • Performance, Efficiency and Sustainability projects
  • Franchise Development & Category Brand Management
  • Sustainable Housing Solutions
  • International Business Development
  • Sustainable Real Estate Development


We have a business development platform that allows us to move fast and capture innovative projects and turn them into reality.

PARADIGM is led by a stable management team, with world-class experience and skills in marketing, finance and corporate management who not only set the right strategy but also roll up their sleeves and support on the field during implementation. Our leaders collaborate to drive the business forward through a relentless drive for talent development, client service, innovation and operational excellence.


Our approach is simple & practical yet it encompasses all the requirements to reduce risk and build a successful project.

We target the Core Growth Potential in any opportunity. We do not waste time in small sectors and slow growth categories.

We aim to put our effort and direct our investment where we have the highest yield.

To do that, we focus on 4 main areas:

  • Stakeholders needs
  • Risk Assessment
  • Asset Availability
  • Macro Dynamics

The way we do it is by:

  • Adapting the approach depending on the needs on hand. So we maintain a manageable level of flexibility.
  • We capitalize on current setups to make our moves more efficient
  • We consider available alternatives and keep an open mind
  • We analyze and select the best route that allows us to reach our targets.

International Business Development

Behind the diversity of our cultures we all share the same ambition: Building leading brands. In a world of accelerated change in which new technologies emerge every day, customers are more empowered than ever before. We listen, research, and analyze consumer behavior to bring support in building leading brands.

Project Fund Management

Osool Africa has developed the right platform to support developing countries to design required developmental projects, appeal to funding nations and attract funds as well as be the main support in managing the fund allocation to ensure objectives are met on time. Our main focus and aim is to promote foreign direct investment (FDI) from GCC into African countries through strategic business partnership development and project finance.

Business Vision & Competitive Advantage:

Our Business Vision is to establish the proper vehicle that will identify and implement development projects mainly in the Energy, Mining, and Land Development industries. We will focus in acquiring Mine exploration rights that are essential in sustaining and justifying the development and progress of the selected African Countries. We will build a global consortium consisting of leading international firms in the Energy, Housing, and Mining industries. We will combine the advantages of our shareholders and leverage them to ensure success.

Business Model

In order to realize business objectives, a solid and well-managed business organization will be established based on the following principles:

  • Projects will be carefully selected and/or developed based on our established criteria and specifications.
  • Staff will be carefully selected to meet the requirements of proper Project Management
  • The business organization will act as an honest and trusted Partner. We believe that this is the bases for growth and success.
  • We will select the Business partners who share the same values with us.
  • Engage in Revenue Sharing Based Projects, minimizing investment in Marketing and Capital investment, while maintaining Risk Reduction Policy.
  • Marketing Cost is carried by each partner participating in the identified project according to role required
  • Establish Solid long term relationships with Funding Institutions that specialize in funding projects in our Business Focus Areas
  • Revenue Stream will originate from holding shares in our selected long term profitable projects in addition to Success Fees obtained from project initiations. Procurement Business Unit will be responsible for obtaining short term cycle revenues.

Trading and Agencies


  • Competency Price Assessment
  • Chain Supply and Logistical Arrangements
  • Solutions and Innovative Ideas Tailor Made
  • Effective Strategic Purchasing With Long Term Agreements for Representation in Africa.
  • Sources: Asia – Middle East – GCC – Europe.
  • Sustainable and Renewable Energy Assessment and Technology Introduction
  • Promotion of New and Innovative Purchasing Methods and Strategies that Suits the African Market and Needs