Osool Africa is serving as a vehicle for investments to be undertaken in Africa and will carry out preliminary analysis of these projects on individual basis and assess their collective potential to meet desired objectives.

Osool Africa will also assess and present the strategic options available in designing and implementing these projects, taking into consideration the critical issues of financing, corporate structure, operating structure and their implications for viability and success.

Osool Africa shall be designing and implementing its planned Investment Program in a manner that brings the greatest possible benefits to the investors, Government and the end users of project outputs.

Osool Africa is bringing knowledge and expertise in the design of individual projects in the program; it hopes to enhance process efficiency by providing a sound technical analytical support for decision-making, using its knowledge of local financial, economic and market conditions, in structuring and implementing the projects.

Osool Africa shall ensure the program development and implementation in order to guarantee financial and socio-economic success of the program on win/win/win bases.

The general approach to project financing will be done in various ways, such as:

  • Participating in the equity capital of projects based on clear partnership terms.
  • Provision of concessionary / bridge loans to finance projects based on viability.
  • Assist to obtain Grants for specific infrastructure, social and charitable projects.
  • The project financial structure will comprise direct funding in the form of equity, debt/quasi-debt, grants/charity and indirect means like exemptions

OSOOL AFRICA Housing Solutions

“Osool”, housing solutions are an effective means of ensuring sustainability in the construction industry. Osool’s Africa core services focus on LEED and M & E Engineering disciplines to bring about a reduction in the overall Ecological Footprint sustainable housing.

In addition to supporting sustainability and the tangible benefits of lower operating costs and lower life cycle costs, an Osool Africa Building would also have the following intangible benefits:

  • Higher asset value
  • Lower operating costs
  • Green corporate image
  • Health and safety of the building occupants
  • Enhanced occupant comfort
  • Improved productivity of occupants
  • Best operating practices
  • Incorporated latest techniques