An independent investment boutique  firm providing strategic, project finance and corporate advisory services with a unique blend of private equity, operating, and legal experience from firms executing merger and acquisition transactions, and operating a wide variety of businesses that range from small start-up companies to the largest investments.

We invest in people we trust and have often known for years. We strive to treat business owners, management teams, deal sources, advisors and investors with respect and complete honesty at all times.

The firm focuses on companies located in the GCC and Africa regions where  principals have extensive relationships and transaction referral sources. Under unique circumstances, we also examine   companies located outside the GCC and Africa. We target deal sizes and investments  in a wide variety of industries including sustainable housing , industrial projects and renewable energy businesses. We partner with management teams to create long term value through growth opportunities and operational refinement.

Key Characteristics

Drawing on the extensive resources along with the experience and expertise of  professional partners, the ability to tailor our approach to satisfy the specific requirements of each stakeholder , we are able to tailor our knowhow  to satisfy the specific requirements of each party and provide structured finance vehicles. We developed an in depth expertise in market allowing us to provide in-house solutions for most local needs:

  • Tailor made financing solutions that answer partners specific local constraints
  • Yield enhancement investment solutions structured on safe local assets
  • Diversification solutions away from local markets, while optimizing the use of existing assets

Acknowledging that no single approach can fit all of our partners’ needs and that perfect solutions do not exist, we start our analysis focusing on 3 essential elements:

  • Identified need (specific financing requirements / investment objectives / new franchise)
  • Constraints (cost of financing / specific maturity / corporate structure / existing liabilities / risk parameters)
  • Our expertise has developed the right platform to support developing countries to design required developmental projects, appeal to funding nations and attract funds. Our main focus and aim is to promote foreign direct investment (FDI) from GCC into African countries through strategic business partnership development and project finance.
  • Facilitating global networking —connecting financial services companies’ management with select industry peers in a closed forums to leverage best practices.