EPS abbreviated by Expanded Polystyrene It  is  a  system  for  construction  of  buildings  up  to four storeys,  i.e.,G+3  using reinforced  concrete load bearing wall and roof panels

What it consists of:

  • Factory produced panels
  • Covered both sides with electro welded zinc coated square mesh of 3 mm dia wire
  • Connected by 33 connectors per sqmt realizing 3 dimensional hyper static reinforcement steel.
  • SINGLE PANEL: For Load bearing  structures  for buildings  up to 3 / 4 storey, on site   finishing   with   Structural shotcrete   plastering    in    both sides.
    • Partitions
    • Floors with short span.
  • DOUBLE PANEL: Useful for High rise construction and for special applications where solid concrete core walls Two single panels with internal and external mesh
    • Thickness of  the  core  concrete will be defined on the basis of the structural requirements.
    • The outside panel is finished using standard plaster or ready mix material.


Panels can be assembled on site and in situ poured concrete (double panel, floors, stairs) and shotcreted concrete (single panel) to realise the different elements of the system like

  • Vertical structural walls
  • Horizontal structural elements
  • Cladding element
  • Internal walls

Why EPS?

  • Time Savings results In reduction of Indirect Costs & Finance Cost
  • Fire, thermal & seismic resistant
  • Ensures Privacy
  • Best Acoustic Damper
  • Eco- Friendly Concept
  • Provides high Thermal insulation , thereby avoiding Air conditioning in Low cost housing.
  • For Air Conditioned Housing it reduces Power consumption.
  • Minimize the Usage of Natural Resource viz., Clay Bricks, Stone aggregate etc.,
  • Aesthetic look