Innovation Park

OSOOL Africa also has very strong experience, contacts and know-how in Applied Science, Technology & Innovation. We are uniquely positioned and have access to the latest innovations in the following key subsectors;

  • Agriculture
  • Advanced Materials
  • Biotechnology
  • New Construction
  • Energy
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Energy Storage
  • Fuels
  • Healthcare
  • Industrial Efficiency / Clean Industry
  • Life Sciences
  • Renewable Energy
  • Smart Manufacturing
  • Waste Treatment & Management
  • Water Treatment & Management

OSOOL Africa can provide tailored ‘best-in-class’ solutions depending on the latest innovations in any of the above mentioned sectors based on client needs and interests.

OSOOL AFRICA’s has utilized its vast know-how and experience in the field of Science, Technology and Innovation, and developed an innovation park concept specifically developed for African developing countries.  It aims to spearhead Science, Technology & Innovation by creating innovation zones based on the latest state of the art technologies, which will drive know-how, job creation, positive global recognition and strong Foreign Direct Investment to the target country where the innovation park is placed The OSOOL Africa Innovation Park’s usually consist of a number of core elements such as Solar Park, a Renewable Energy and Sustainable Innovation Park and a Deep Tech Park, all together which are forming the total Innovation Park structure. Each of the OSOOL Parks will be tailored for the particular country and goal’s that needs to be achieved.

OSOOL team have already performed a number of activities to bring the Park concept closer to reality in a few countries, and have up-to-date;

  • Short concept plans, layouts and started works on general Masterplans
  • Managing and leading R&D and Innovation related to the park layout worldwide
  • Negotiating with investors to create a holistic ECO-systems village by combing latest technologies and full circle concepts in Agriculture, Water Management and Power generation incl. the establishment of a novel Biomass combustion Plant utilizing new technologies to increase efficiency and reduce emissions significantly compared to traditional approaches
  • Negotiating with a school provider to build a school and learning center which will focus on science technology and innovation and where students will have immediate access to all the innovation activities on a daily basis to gain valuable hands-on internship experience
  • Preparing plans to raise investments for a range of other technology initiatives in the Innovation Park